Our Family Portraits!

This is me: 

"You guys. Family portraits are SO important. You should take updated family pictures whenever you get the chance because they are awesome and you will absolutely never regret them. Don't just take a bunch of pictures of your kid and think that that's good enough!"

Proceeds to blog and instagram millions of pictures of Willow and a few here and there with Erik and myself haha.

So today I figured I shouldn't be all talk and should show you some of OUR family portraits we had done this Fall! My good friend, Andrea Pesce took these for us and I took some of her adorable little family (I'll definitely have to add those images to the "to blog" list because I loved them too!). I love having photographer friends. We're the only ones who will geek out over a cute dirt road and a field of grass and spend the whole car ride texting each other about the way the clouds and the light look today haha! #nerds

We were a little nervous when we did this, coordinating two young babies' nap schedules with optimal lighting conditions from the sun. But we made it work and spent about 45 minutes just taking photos back and forth. It was basically a dream come true. Cute babies, pretty scenery, and fun with friends. What more could anyone want?

There are a million awesome choices for photo shoots in Richmond. We took these pictures at Tuckahoe Plantation, which is a majorly favorite wedding venue of mine to photograph. I've done a few portrait sessions there, too, and I am NEVER disappointed. No matter the season, that place has something gorgeous to showcase. We didn't even get to the front gate with this session because we were just so happy with the field and the road leading up to the plantation itself!

Willow was pretty serious for most of these photos. I think she's so used to me making ridiculous faces while I photograph her that she was a little confused to see a normal person taking pictures haha. Plus, why look at a stranger when Mommy and Daddy are RIGHT HERE??? You'll notice the one picture where she's smiling is when I'm holding her... that's because Erik was standing over Andrea's shoulder making funny Dad faces and she loved it. Good job, Daddy. There was no crying at all though, so we will count our blessings! It could have gone much worse! 

And just for fun, here are some behind the scenes shots... I like the ones of Erik trying to make Adah laugh while I photograph them haha. And do you like how Andrea and I accidentally dressed our babies like twinsies? I guess neutrals are the go to uniform of photographers' children. 

If you need to update YOUR family portraits, make sure you head to the contact page and let me know!