Outer Banks 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Ah the vacation is over! It's always bittersweet to come home from the beach. On the one hand, it's THE BEACH and I love it. Seriously, Erik and I could move there no problem. If only I could pick up all our family and friends and have them move there too... But on the other hand, it's nice to be home after being away for a week. We came home a day early so I could shoot Dave and Kathleen's wedding, and let me tell you, it was 100% worth it. It was a wonderful wedding. But there will be more about that to come later ;) This week's trip was with my dad's side of the family. My aunts, uncles, cousins, cousin's children, and my own parents and siblings. There were a bunch of us! We had two big houses across the street from each other and it was fun running back and forth.

Unfortunately, I didn't take a WHOLE lot of photos. Maybe it was because this beach trip was squished in between two weddings or something, but I was just mentally not in a photo mood. I was on VACATION! The photos I did snag were with my amazing little waterproof, shockproof, sandproof camera and my cell phone. And honestly, there wasn't a lot to take photos of. We spent 80% of our trip just laying on the beach and floating in the water. Just the way you're supposed to when you go to the beach.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis was our base of operations. My cousin and his wife are pretty brilliant and brought this tent. It is definitely the main reason that we all didn't burn! I've seriously never gone to the beach and not come out with a sunburn. But the tent, some sunscreen, and the unreal hot temperatures kept us in the shade a lot of the time. And it was fun to powwow on the beach together!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 2014-06-23_0004When everyone came to our house, it was for pool volleyball. This was a near nightly occurrence. My family really loves volleyball, and pools. My dad bought this net and I'm sure it will be a staple vacation item in our future.

2014-06-23_0005We went out for dinner three nights while we were there. The Outer Banks is loaded with amazing, local restaurants so it's incredibly difficult to choose. I can't remember the name of the first restaurant we went to, but I'm sure a family member reading this can leave it in the comments. Erik and I went for a date night at the Coastal Cantina, which was awesome. Great atmosphere and delicious fish tacos :)

And on the last night we hit an old favorite, The Black Pelican. All sorts of deliciousness.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThat's Josh. Hiding in the background.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAh, I miss it now. The Outer Banks is definitely my favorite beach spot. I know it's gotten more crowded than it used to be (anyone who has sat in that Saturday traffic knows that!), but it still feels like a small, homey beach town and I love it. Now I'm off to go edit TWO weddings, hopefully before this weekend when my brother-in-law is getting married, which I'm also shooting! Gotta crank these edits out fast!