Anniversary Session in Outer Banks, NC

I'm super lucky because I have family who owns a beach house and invites us to use it during the off season down in Outer Banks, North Carolina. This year, I went down in November with my parents and grandparents. My grandma has been dying for a photo session, so doing it at her favorite place in the world seemed like a fantastic idea. She and my grandpa and renewing their vows in a month after 50 YEARS of marriage. So these felt almost like engagement pictures to me! Haha, probably not to them though ;-)

This was also my first time shooting portraits on the beach. We waited til the sun was starting to set and I think it turned out beautifully.

The wonderful thing about the Outer Banks, and specifically Duck, is that it's a quick walk/drive to the other side of the island. We hurried over to get some pictures at a park on the sound.

Everyone loves a good silhouette picture! Or is that just me?

Right as we were leaving, we spotted a grassy green area that my grandma declared her favorite spot. Naturally, we needed a photo there.

And naturally, it turned out to be my favorite one.