Outlander Wedding Inspiration

Ah, you guys. Outlander has returned to us after far too long a hiatus. If you're a fan, did you enjoy the new episode? Gotta say, I had some mixed feelings! But it's that push and pull that makes it such an experience isn't it?

That brings me to these photos. I had never planned my own styled shoot before. I've helped other wedding vendors with THEIR creations by photographing them, but never thought "hey, I want to do this... let's make it happen." That's what this styled shoot was. It's hard work! It's a lot of management of different people and coordinating of different ideas and that's just not my thing. On a wedding day, it's such a relief to me when there's a great coordinator who takes that pressure off of me and gives me the freedom to create and be inspired. With a styled shoot, it's an opportunity for all these wedding vendors to be creative. So while you want to give everyone the freedom to be creative and do what they do best, you have to explain the vision the whole way as well. It can be a balancing act! 

So do I plan to put together lots of styled shoots in the future? No. They're fun and a great way to reignite your creativity when there haven't been a lot of shoots or weddings recently. But other than that, I think they're just a fun way to meet other vendors in this huge industry.

If I was going to plan any styled shoot though, of course it would be my favorite book and TV show, Outlander. Claire and Jamie's love story is my absolute favorite. I love them more than Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, Romeo and Juliet, Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler, Jane and Mr. Rochester. Thinking on the "great" couples of literature and film, it's a little disappointing how weak or unrealistic they are! I just love this story of two individuals who are awesome, strong people on their own and what I love the most is that the wedding is just the start. There's no bullshitting around with the "will she/won't she" nonsense that so many stories waste their time on. Outlander spends its time on the things that matter, the real problems couples encounter, and the strength you build in a relationship when you treat each other with respect.

So! More than just plaid and mountain backdrops, we tried to pull in a lot of subtle elements of the story. We used two bouquets, one of Scottish heather, and the other full of wildflowers and herbs, which is quintessential Claire. Our amazing "Claire" is actually one of my best friends (hey, Erin!) and we had her wearing pearls like the gift Jamie gives her on their wedding day. Pearls were also in the table decor for that reason.  The sign reads “da mi basia mille” which, in the book but not the show, Jamie inscribes on Claire's wedding ring. It's Latin for “Give me a thousand kisses.”

Okay, I've rambled on about Outlander enough. Maybe I just need a separate category on my blog for that story? I talk about it enough. Enjoy a few photos from our shoot! 

Special thanks to our incredible models for braving the FREEZING cold to do this shoot for me. And to the amazing vendors who brought their own creativity and talents to every detail you see above!

Photography: Tiffany Heidenthal Photography 
Event Planning, Styling, & Design: Maggie’s Misc Events 
Invitation design & calligraphy: Dejlige Creative 
Floral Designer: 
Black Creek Flowers & Sweets 
Hair & Makeup: 
Slingin’ Pretty 
Party Perfect 
Wedding Dress: Urban Set Bride 
Sweet Fix