Personality Tests

Have you ever done them? I love them. I love reading my results and seeing an accurate profile of my essential self. I love sending it to people and saying "SEE, this is why I do that thing!" I love reading all the types and deciding which people I know fit into which categories. And then I love reading their results and feeling like I understand them on an even deeper level. That kind of thing is fascinating to me!

I had to take a Meyers Briggs personality test in one of my Education courses at JMU. My professor wrote all the results up on the white board from the classroom full of future teachers. And everyone in that 30-40 person class fit neatly into about three different personality types, which were all pretty similar at the heart of them. Teachers are outgoing; they are givers; and they work hard. That seems to be the basic formula. However, there were two people in the class who had wildly different results... me and the guy who came to class every day without shoes on. I should have known then (as I should have known many times) that teaching would not be for me haha.

I'm an INTJ for anyone curious... and that personality type is always prefaced with "This is extremely rare, especially in women" so it's no wonder I was an outlier in my classroom full of idealistic girls excited to rule their own classrooms. 

I bring this all up because I was talking with my brother, who had to take a personality test at his office this morning because there were co-workers who weren't getting along and this was supposed to help everyone understand each other a little better. I started thinking about my job and how it relates to who I am. Now, it took me a while to find photography. I grew up being good at English so I always anticipated that my career would involve reading, writing, analyzing, that kind of thing. So when it didn't, it was a shock to someone as stubborn and "stick to the plan" as I am. In the book, Quiet, which is a fascinating read on introversion for anyone interested in that kind of thing, there's a chapter on how difficult it is to know what field you belong in when you're highly introverted, because every new situation feels extremely wrong and uncomfortable at first. It's a feeling we're used to pushing through until we feel more comfortable. And it was a connection I had never made before.

But I think being Introverted is why I can spend a week editing, blogging, album designing at my computer alone at home all day and be totally at peace. I think being iNtuitive is why I can capture my clients' best features at the best moments in a photo, why I know exactly which images are going to be the most important to them and should be in their wedding album. I think being a Thinker is why I make such detailed plans and follow through without panic when things go wrong, or without procrastinating because I have self-imposed deadlines for how long anything should take. And this works well with being Judgemental (not the rude kind!) because I can quickly restructure a plan, prioritize, and break tasks down when they need to be. Planning is useless if you can't implement it effectively!

I'm actually nauseating myself by writing about myself so much, but in reading over the titles of my past blog posts I know my blog hasn't been as personal as I like it to be lately. That's what happens during crazy wedding season! But trust me, I have lots of fun personal posts in the works for the future... along with some projects that I know I'll be sharing. Some how-to's and what not! For now, enjoy the influx of pretty wedding photos and Fall weather. I know my blog has no bearing on the weather, but you should still enjoy it :)

And comment with your Meyers Briggs if you know it! Like I said, I love learning about other people and their personality types!