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Melissa and Tyler's Pharsalia Wedding

I thought it would take me weeks to edit this wedding. I seriously did. With Willow only sleeping 45 minutes at a time, the ENORMOUS number of photos I took at this gorgeous wedding, and a generally sporadic schedule this week, I just figured it would take me a little longer than normal. I was wrong. As soon as I dug into the editing for this wedding, I got completely swept up in it all over again. I'm so thankful that my first wedding in so long was such a perfect one. Though, who am I kidding? I tend to book some stellar brides and gorgeous weddings, so I'd probably be saying that no matter what. But SERIOUSLY, this one was amazing. Just wait and see.

You may remember from their engagement session, but Melissa is also a photographer! I should have known that her wedding would just be outrageously beautiful. First of all, I had never photographed a wedding at Pharsalia before, but WOW. If you're going to leave Richmond for a mountain wedding in the Blue Ridge, it should be at Pharsalia! Holy moly. Driving up to the venue, my second shooter and I were completely geeking out in the car. Call it a photographer thing. Or a nerd thing. Or just simple appreciation for the awesomeness that is Virginia. Pharsalia is a historic plantation home that just happens to overlook a beautiful vineyard, while also being surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains. What more could you possibly ask for!? Man, I hope I get to go back soon!

The other interesting thing about Melissa's photographer connections is that there were so many photographer wedding guests! It was actually kind of hilarious. There's usually one or two guests per wedding who come up to me to talk camera gear and what not. But at this wedding, it seemed like everyone was talking photography! It was almost a little nerve wracking knowing that everyone knew what I was doing and was probably wondering about all the decisions I was making haha. Even when I went to the bathroom, I wound up talking photography careers with a fellow photographer in there! It was pretty great. My people, everywhere I looked!

And of course, the whole reason this day was so epic and amazing was because of Melissa and Tyler, who were just so so much fun to be with. I could tell when I arrived that Melissa was a little nervous about how the day was going to go, but as soon as it really began and there was nothing left to prep, she did herself right by living in the moment and enjoying everything she and Tyler had been planning for so long. I was in heaven myself because they gave me tons of time to take lots of gorgeous bride and groom portraits. It's sad but true that when the day starts running late, it's usually the photography time that gets cut to get things back on schedule. Luckily, Melissa had planned plenty of time for us and we got some of my favorite wedding photos to date.

I'll stop rambling now, because I know you came here for Melissa and Tyler's WEDDING, so here it is! :)

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