Pricing Revamp #54685

2013-06-10_0001 Adapt or die, right? I've been thinking hard about my pricing lately. Pricing is one of those areas of a photography business that I think very few photographers enjoy or feel like they truly understand. A year ago (A YEAR!?) my prices were a shot in the dark. Then I did a lot of reading and research on how to make a successful portrait business. I structured and tweaked and settled. Then I realized how much I wanted to and LOVED shooting weddings. Then I realized that how I'd structured my business for portraits really wasn't going to work for the way I wanted to do weddings. So again, I structured and tweaked and settled. It was a long road of discoveries that took me a year, but now I feel like I have some direction and conviction about the way I want to price myself.

Photography's a weird thing because anyone can pick up a camera and call themselves a photographer. I know. I did it. It was one of the beautiful things that allowed me to make the career jump from teaching to photography. It didn't hurt that I'd loved photography my entire life and owned my first SLR for two years when I decided this. But still. We live in a world of degrees, certifications, online courses, and a lot of other redundancy that proves you can do something. Then you go start your job and find out if you really can do it or not. Photography's the opposite of that.


So my new prices include digital files. DIGITAL FILES. That's because I've decided to sell my photography as a service instead of a product. I no longer want to haggle over the value of an 8x10. I don't like explaining and justifying why you can buy something at Wal Mart for a lower price than you can from me. I want my clients to have some freedom when they come to me. Freedom to get exactly what they want. I also want to encourage my clients to have their photos professionally printed by LOWERING the cost of doing so. Honestly, before I started this business I didn't even realize that taking my photos to CVS gave me an inferior product. Where else was I supposed to get them printed? I'm sure my clients feel similarly. Now, charging for my time instead of my products, I can afford to offer prints at a much lower price.


I could ramble on and on about this, but I know it's not the most interesting topic so I'll leave it at that! I'd love to do a session with you. Portrait sessions start at $200 and weddings are $1500. Contact me to book your session!