Prom 2015

Not my prom of course. No... it's been 10 years since that excitement. Last weekend, my little brother, Cade (far right on these pictures), attended his THIRD prom. You see, Cade is homeschooled and because homeschooling families have built so many awesome resources and groups, all the homeschooling kids in the area get together for one big epic prom. And any high school age kid is welcome. So he's been going since his freshman year, which is kind of fun.

He and some of his friends decided to get dinner in Richmond before the prom and my mom asked if I could take some pictures at the restaurant. I told her the VMFA was only a couple of blocks away and makes for GORGEOUS photos, so we all met up and had about ten minutes to take pictures before their reservation. 

Being around high schoolers just makes me nostalgic. Their giddy silliness and excitement is just so sweet and I can't help but think of all the fun my friends and I had at that time in life... and still! It's part of why I enjoy photographing senior portraits so much. They're just fearless and such fun.

I wish now that I hadn't been too cool to meet my friends somewhere for pre-prom pictures. Those would be so fun to have! 

On another semi-related note... it's last call for my senior model program! We're already starting to organize the group styled shoot, so if you want to join, now's the time! Interested in senior portraits? Head to my senior portrait website and we can start planning!