Ready for the Holidays

I just spent like an hour browsing houses on Zillow. Why did I do that? We're not planning to buy a house aaaaany time soon and I knew I wanted to blog today. So why, Tiffany? Why? 

Anyway, I wanted to share a little impromptu family photo session from Thanksgiving this year because the photos turned out so darn cute. Erik's family was sitting around one day in early November talking about how they all needed new pictures for their Christmas cards this year... AHEM, what could that mean!? Why, that a family photo shoot was needed of course! So everyone brought their Christmas-y outfits to Thanksgiving for PHOTO PURPOSES, not because anyone's obsessed with Christmas or anything.

Chris (who took the pictures of me and Erik by the way, go Chrissy!) and I had to take a picture together because 1. We had unknowingly worn matching, awesome Christmas sweaters and 2. I don't think we've taken a picture together since my wedding in our photo booth. THAT IS SAD.

Yeah, I think it's best this not be our lasting photo legacy...


Meet Kallie, Katlyn's new pup.

Let it be said that these photos of our parents and grandparents with their respective vehicles and lawn equipment were REQUESTED. Sometimes it's the little things that make you the happiest... or the big, rumbliest things ;)

Kat's tights were the MVP of the photo shoot.

Well, til Erik and Lily did this I guess...

I'm pretty biased of course.