2014-04-30_0002When your blog is a mix of business and your life, it's sometimes hard to know what can and can't be blogged. I've been thinking about this the past few days because sad personal things have been happening for my family. It's always when sad things are happening to me or the people around me that I struggle with blogging. I WANT to blog it because that's my instinct as a long time diary writer, but the public nature of blogs makes it a little more tricky. Add in that I'm using this blog as a business tool, and I'm just not sure how to bring up things like this. So caution to the wind. Today I'm remembering my granddaddy, Edward Martin. He died this past weekend after a long, long battle with varying ailments. It's actually really amazing that he lived as long as he did with the many conditions he was dealing with. But my granddaddy was strong and exceptionally stubborn (a double-edged trait in the Martin family). He died on his wedding anniversary, which we all find kind of sweet, to think about him finally reuniting with my grandma.

It's such a wet, dreary day outside, but I'm not TOOΒ dreary thinking about my granddaddy and saying goodbye to him today. I know that while it's sad for us who are still here, and that we'll miss him terribly, he was ready to go and didn't deserve to suffer any longer.

You can read about him here. Β He lived a much more interesting and amazing life than that site indicates, trust me. The stories I've heard growing up made me really respect him, even though he was never the one telling them. He had a lot of pride, but also modesty. For me, I'd like to remember him as the granddaddy who blew me and my cousins' minds when we asked him to play tag with us one day and HE DID and he was FAST. We were so delighted and surprised. I think he just enjoyed showing us up ;)

We'll miss you, Granddaddy, but we're all so happy that you're at peace and with Grandma now.