Richmond Engagement Session at Maymont Park


Nicole and Stephen's Maymont Park Engagement Session in Richmond, VA

How does this happen!? I turn around for two seconds to do life stuff and then bam, it's been two weeks since I've blogged. This is just life now and it's difficult for me to get used to, so sorry for the repetitive blog mourning that tends to begin my posts these days!

I wanted to share this summer engagement session I photographed for my best friend, Kristen's little sister and her fiance! Gosh, I don't even know where to start on this one. My first memories of Nicole, I don't think she was even school age yet. I would arrive at her house every morning to meet her sister and walk to the bus stop together every morning. I remember Nicole bursting with energy when I entered and me being a zombie because mornings have never been my jam. 

As she grew up, and as I spent countless family vacations with the whole Hamlin family, I got to know Nicole not just as a child, but as a teenager, and now as a young adult. During this session I was so impressed at how far she's come, graduating from college and working as an RN in a local hospital. It just blows your mind how time changes things all around you.

She and Stephen are such a wonderful couple. They are playful and kind to each other every time I see them, and my bestie, Kristen, never has anything but good things to say about their relationship. Stephen is just so good-natured and up for anything. I don't think anyone will be surprised to hear that the men usually struggle with photo shoots a little more, and some of them are not great sports about it. But Stephen was so far from that... he was making the most of it just like Nicole, which is so great. It means their wedding will be an absolute blast to photograph! (Yep, you've got at least one more wedding to look forward to... I could never say no to photographing Nicole's, so right now it is the only wedding I'm accepting for 2018... talk about special!)