Zoo Time

The Richmond Metro Zoo

Last week, the weather was beautiful and when Spring comes, my family wants to go to the zoo. They go every year, multiple times a year. I don't think they have them anymore, but for many years season passes were a must. This year my aunt, cousin, and his adorable little family were able to join us. I had to refrain from spending the entire time taking pictures of Ellie and Liam (the little ones). It doesn't matter what kind of cool stuff I'm surrounded by, I always prefer taking pictures of people to anything else. Especially really cute, tiny people ;)

If you're local and have never visited the Richmond Metro Zoo, definitely check it out. It's family owned and beautiful. I've never been to any other zoo where you get to pet the giraffes and feed just about any of the animals. It's been fun for my family to go for so long and see it grow. I remember when they were basically a kangaroo exhibit and a few other things. Now there's a ton to see. richmond metro zoo 2014-04-25_0002 2014-04-25_0003 2014-04-25_0004It was sun tan day for the turtles. richmond metro zoo 2014-04-25_0006He looks so much like my little brother did it's kind of scary.Β Also, pacifiers are adorable. 2014-04-25_0007 2014-04-25_0008I can't remember what we were looking at here, but Ellie seems pretty concerned. 2014-04-25_0009One of the things we were looking forward to seeing were the new baby cheetahs. 2014-04-25_0010 2014-04-25_00202014-04-25_0011 2014-04-25_0012This one is king of the mountain. 2014-04-25_0013Yay giraffes! They used to be my favorite. They're still pretty awesome. 2014-04-25_0014 2014-04-25_0015HahahaΒ this guy. 2014-04-25_0016 2014-04-25_00192014-04-25_0017Can you tell which animal was my favorite to take pictures of? Penguins are so funny. 2014-04-25_0018