Richmond Proposal Photography

Allison and Bryan's Proposal and Engagement at The Boathouse at Sunday Park

There is just nothing more exciting than receiving an email asking you to photograph a moment as special as your marriage proposal. It shows such thoughtfulness on the guy's part to think about documenting that special moment... and in my experience, guys are usually the ones who need some persuading to have their picture taken. When they initiate the idea, I'm just extra blown away! Bryan was on his A game though. He put such thought into making his proposal perfect and it paid off in the best way!

I arrived at The Boathouse early to stake out some territory for the big moment. After clearing it out and planting my stuff around so that everyone else felt very unwelcome on that dock (it was for a good cause! haha) I texted with Bryan to make sure everything was on schedule and we confirmed where I'd be. It's such fun to play secret agent photographer ;) 

Bryan had told Allison he wanted to take a picture down at the dock, so when they arrived I happily took an iPhone photo for them and then offered to take one with my professional camera. I did and then moved into position as Bryan dropped to one knee. It was the first time I've shot a proposal and just blatantly BEEN there, but it was brilliant because she wasn't expecting it at all and I could be so close! Absolute perfection.

After all the excitement and tears and cheers from all the restaurant patrons surrounding us... we had a little mini photo shoot... aka the most immediate engagement pictures ever! Allison and Bryan were just so sweet, so happy, and such fun. They were so easy to photograph, I think because emotional moments just loosen you up and bring out your natural joy. And I think Allison and Bryan just connect perfectly and the camera eats it up ;)