Richmond VA Senior Portraits

Marco's Richmond Canal Walk Senior Portraits

I can't believe how well this senior portrait session went. And how overdue it was. Well, not overdue so to speak. Marco's a senior, having senior portraits taken so obviously this is perfect timing for that. What I mean is... getting to know Marco and his mom, Janoris, was long overdue. 

You see, my family has this tradition that goes back to my very earliest memories. Every Friday night, my parents go to the same local pizza shop (Gino's in Chesterfield Meadows). I think it started when my mom was running her hair salon off of Ironbridge Road right by Gino's and my dad and brother and I would be waiting for her to file all her daily paperwork at the end of the night, count the cash register, etc. And we'd be starving, so afterward we went to Gino's.

Well, Janoris, Marco's mom, works at Gino's for her parents and has done so for a good chunk of these past twenty years or so of visiting Gino's. So when Janoris asked me about doing senior portraits along the canal walk in Richmond, I was thrilled to do them as I always am with seniors... but especially thrilled to learn a little bit more about the family whose restaurant we've been visiting for so long!

Marco works at Gino's now too, but he's planning to attend college now that he's officially graduated. Where he goes from there will be up to him. That's the cool thing about this age. Everything is open-ended. Anything can happen. He's a serious guy, and aside from his GQ good looks, you can tell how smart and introspective he is. Hopefully that comes through in his senior pictures! Here are some of my favorites.