Richmond VA Senior Portraits

Kelsey's Richmond, VA Senior Portrait Photography

I think anyone who follows my blog regularly knows by this point that I have a soft spot for seniors. There's something so fun and carefree about them. This session was no exception!

Kelsey actually contacted me last August about her senior portraits! That seems like a million years ago now, especially because that was before baby Willow was even in the picture and now she's ready to pop out any day. That's perspective for you. But Kelsey's session was delayed a few times due to her family schedules, weather, just various things! And it got back burner-ed. Winter came and went and as graduation approached, Kelsey suddenly needed some senior portraits! And I was so glad we all got back in touch to finish the job!

Spring is a funny time of year for senior portraits. I either have cases like Kelsey where the seniors are right about to graduate... or I have an eager junior who is ready to be a senior and get her portraits on!

We took these photos at Byrd Park in Richmond. It wasn't where we initially were planning to go, but there were lovely pink blooms on the trees, a perfect water view, and not to many people around to weed out of our pictures. It wound up being a great location! Kelsey and her mom were also really smart to go to the salon beforehand and have Kelsey's hair and makeup done professionally. It would have never occurred to me to do this for my own senior portraits (oh so long ago!), but now I realize what a polished touch it adds to all kinds of portraits and I try to encourage it for all my clients.

I had so much fun walking around Byrd Park with Kelsey and her mom. Kelsey loves photography, too, and even has her own website already! Check it out. We talked gear and business and it was great. Kelsey kept saying her work wasn't that good yet, and I told her only the best artists think that of their work... that's how they wind up being so great! Always pushing for better. For the record, her work IS pretty great, and way better than mine would have been in high school... you know, if I'd actually been on the ball enough to be learning what would wind up being my career back then! ;)

Anyway! Enjoy these super lovely senior portraits... this is definitely a new favorite senior session of mine and I've been dying to share it!