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This is Cade. He's my youngest brother and there are ten years in age difference between us. He's the most extraordinary person you'll ever meet. If you don't know him, you think I'm exaggerating and being sentimental about how lovely my brother is. If you know him, then you're laughing right now because you know extraordinary is the only word that could possibly be appropriate.

When Cade was six, he made the connection between the food at dinnertime and the sweet little animals he visited at farms and zoos. He established then, as so many first graders do, that he was going to be himself and live his life to his own moral standards. Ten years later, he is still a vegetarian and I doubt that he's ever considered changing his mind about this. It was around the same time period that he started writing politicians about laws that made no sense, laws that we needed, and sometimes just general support. I've never met any kid as smart or as comfortable in their own skin. Picture a more compassionate, real life version of Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. Yeah he's going to miss your social cues and say some awkwardly honest things, but social norms are overrated and I dare you to pick a historical time period that he doesn't know all about.

Yeah my brother is pretty awesome and I can't begin to list all the reasons why.

Last year when I started my photography business, Cade modeled for my first portrait session. He definitely didn't want to because, believe it or not, he really hates having his picture taken. But he said if it was going to help me find a job that made me happier, he was definitely willing to do it. This year, we decided to make Cade's portraits a yearly tradition. He's homeschooled, so he doesn't have official yearbook pictures to mark the years. He gets these instead. Lucky kid.

This year, Cade said he wanted an urban photo shoot. I think he wanted something a little cooler than me dragging him around my parents neighborhood looking for pretty spots. I don't blame him. And despite my laughter, when my baby brother who used to only wear Crocs and sweat pants in public, asked for some more urban portraits... it was a darn brilliant suggestion. These pictures turned out amazing! I think I like the contrast of his innocent little face (sorry bro, but really) and rusty, broken things everywhere. And anything with the Richmond cityscape is always an automatic win.

 urban portraits 2013-10-25_0004 2013-10-25_0005 urban portraits richmond va urban portraits richmond va urban portraits

Cade's first album cover ;)

2013-10-25_0009 2013-10-25_0010 2013-10-25_0011 2013-10-25_0012 2013-10-25_0013 2013-10-25_0014 2013-10-25_0015Definitely a favorite.

2013-10-25_0016 2013-10-25_0017 2013-10-25_0018

This is the look I get when I say something weird, so I get it a lot.

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