Rustic Country Wedding - Virginia

Savanna and Austin's Rustic Country Wedding

I can't believe I've already photographed my last wedding of the year. This was an unusually short wedding season for me, and it's a little sad that it's over already! But if it was going to end, it may as well have ended with a bang. Literally. You will see in the pictures! BANG.

This wedding was quintessentially sweet and Southern! I seriously love a rustic, outdoor wedding. It's home to me and my photographic style. When Savanna described her rustic, country wedding to me, I was SO excited. And that was before I even realized how much time and effort she was putting into this dream wedding.

I'll just start by telling you this little tidbit... Savanna and her family BUILT THIS BARN FOR HER WEDDING. Can you believe it!? I was walking through it thinking how perfect it was as a wedding reception area when the wedding coordinator told me that the family had built it themselves for this occasion. Like, had literally finished putting the fireplace in the night before! I was amazed. And I highly recommend they join the wedding business now that they have the perfect country venue for all the Southern brides! Haha!

But the barn was just one piece of an extraordinarily thoughtful day. You could see Savanna and Austin's heart and soul all over everything. Little wooden signs here and there, gorgeous flowers, and just so many homemade crafts and projects everywhere! It was the best of Pinterest, but totally Savanna and Austin's personality.

Speaking of personality, you're going to notice an entourage of pickup trucks in these photos. That was how the wedding party entered the ceremony! My second shooter and I were looking at the photos later saying "wow, this is like a pickup truck commercial!" It was such a perfect way to start the wedding.

And as for ending the wedding? Well, that was pretty amazing in itself, but I'll let those pictures just speak for themselves!