Second Anniversary

As of May 15, Erik and I have officially been married for two years! It's very exciting and I'm so thankful to have him in my life, supporting me and my dreams. We received lots of congratulations and sweet words from our friends and family, and we were happy to receive them but were a little baffled by it all. An anniversary doesn't really feel like an accomplishment to us, so much as the natural passing of time. Kind of like birthdays. They just happen. That's not to say that being married requires no sort of effort, but I guess it just doesn't feel like an accomplishment to be with someone you really care about. It's exactly what we want. I decided this year (wish I'd thought of it last year) that I want to start a tradition of taking a picture of ourselves on our anniversaries, so that one day we can watch ourselves grow up and our little family grow. This kind of makes me wish we'd put our ferret, Zeke, in the photo this year... he is DEFINITELY a member of the family. Maybe we'll do a redo. We won't remember in twenty years anyway ;-)



We celebrated with a lovely dinner out at Pescados. Everyone raves about their fish tacos, so we both got them and YUM they were amazing. It was definitely a treat and it's always fun to try something new.

When we got home, we watched three episodes of Big Bang Theory in a row. Don't judge us. We were tired and it sounded fun! Plus, we had to gear up for the following day, driving to Blacksburg in preparation for Virginia Tech's graduation. I will have to write about that later this week. It was an adventure in itself.

So happy two years, Erik. You're the best and I couldn't be happier that you're in my life.