See ya in 2015!

Something crazy happened to me today. Noon hit and I was getting food together for lunch when I realized that it was Monday and I hadn't written a blog post. I blog pretty predictably, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. The posts are usually up between 9-11am. So to forget completely was a really strange feeling.

Now I did switch up my routine a little bit this morning with a doctor's appointment and a few other things. But that doesn't normally matter. No, I think that after spending five hours on Saturday driving around Richmond looking at Christmas lights with my family... after spending all of yesterday with amazing friends just baking cookies all day... my brain went on holiday. Christmas is on my brain and I think I'm going to embrace that and let blogging take a little hiatus until the new year. Erik only has one more day of work before he's taking his first vacation time since June, so I think it's time to embrace some rest and just BE together. It's been a stressful Fall for us in many ways and I'm looking forward to some restorative time for the both of us.

I have a few projects I need to work on before this vacation. I have a lot to think on and a lot to prepare for 2015. A lot of changes I want to make. And sometimes my dedication to my blog pulls me away from more meaningful work that needs to be done. As wonderful and therapeutic as this blog can be.

So! Readers, I hope you have the greatest of holidays. I hope you have lots of vacation time to spend with your family and friends. And I hope you're grateful for that luxury. I'll be back when I'm back and whenever that is, it's going to be great! :)