Senior Portraits at Maymont Park in Richmond, VA


Thanks to Jillian, I discovered that fall might be my favorite season for pictures. The colors everywhere we looked were vivid and amazing and Jillian was classy enough to match her outfits to the changing season. We went to Maymont Park because Jillian had great memories of going there when she was little.

I hadn't been to Maymont Park in so many years that I'm not sure if I even have. That's weird right? I just FEEL like as a Richmonder I've been to Maymont, but I really don't even know. That's weird but it's true. Jillian and I were just enjoying ourselves climbing waterfalls and hugging trees and what not, so much so that eventually we got to the point where we realized her dad had wandered away (do dads possibly find portrait sessions boring!?). Don't worry, we did find him, but that's when we knew we were IN THE ZONE ;-)

Little did I know that while we were IN THE ZONE-ing it up, my husband was half a mile away at Byrd Park playing football and getting his collar bone smashed into many pieces. He never called me, just went to the hospital, so Jillian and I were ignorantly, blissfully, carrying on and capturing gorgeous pictures. Nevertheless, I really can't look at these pictures without thinking of the craziness that was happening to my husband so close by! He's much better now by the way, but definitely still recovering. Don't break your bones, kids, it's no fun.

Anyway! The irony of my husband's tragic accident will always be that these beautiful pictures were happening at the same time. Jillian was so wonderful to work with and didn't bat an eye when I asked her to climb a waterfall or jump across the river rocks. Because of that, we wound up with great images of a gorgeous girl. I'm so glad she contacted me because I really love doing senior portraits, especially with someone so sweet and fun.