Senior Portraits at Maymont Park

Maymont Senior Portraits_0048.jpg

Richmond, VA Senior Portraits at Maymont Park

Fall! It's the busiest time of year for a photographer. I've been squeezing in as many colorful leaf-filled sessions as I can lately, and it's been so fun, crazy, and pretty! Today's senior portrait session was photographed at the lovely Maymont Park in Richmond. We lucked out because it was supposed to rain ALL weekend, but this session was just a little cloudy and didn't start sprinkling until we were finished and walking to our cars. Score. Let this session be yet another testament to the fact that cloudy days are just lovely in photographs! If you have a session scheduled and the weather is iffy, I usually recommend we go for it because I enjoy the not quite sunny, not quite rainy in between weather.

Casie was an absolute angel to photograph. She was so sweet and good natured and up for just about anything I could think of! Plus, she's got the most lovely red hair, and you all know I'm a fan of that. If you've been to Maymont then you know that place is absolutely ginormous. We had so many options for beautiful scenery and perfect fall foliage. It's actually much harder to narrow down than it is to find a great location haha. 

Casie's dad, Jeff, is friends with my husband, so this was actually really cool because I got to know some of the rest of Jeff's family. See Jeff and Erik get together with a group of friends every week, so the friend group has circulated through my house many times, but I never meet these guys' families! Getting to spend some time with them was a special treat!