Senior Portraits at Midlothian Mines Park

Midlothian Virginia Senior Portraits (3).jpg

Twin Senior Pictures in Midlothian, Virginia

I have a DOUBLE session to share today. Strangely enough, this was not my first twin senior portrait session. And also strangely, I really enjoy photographing two sessions at once. If inspiration is lacking or my client looks a little uncomfortable, I just pop over to my other subject for a while and it's all very fluid and simple. Hm, I should consider this for the future... ;)

So this senior portrait session was for Decker and Lyric! We went to Midlothian Mines Park, which I go to a lot. When my clients don't know where they want to do their portrait session, I ask a few questions to get to know their taste and what they're looking for... and usually the people who are interested in my work are the type who like really pretty outdoor settings with lots of natural features. Parks, plantations, farms, etc. So, once I know what they like, I send a list of options that I know they'll be happy with. Midlothian Mines Park gets chosen nearly every time! It astounds me still. I need to start asking why people love it so much. If it's convenient to us southside peeps or if it's the pond. I'm not sure, but it is a hot choice with my clients. 

All that to say, I decided for this session that I didn't want it to look exactly like every other session I've photographed at this particular park. So I didn't allow myself to use my typical "go to" spots at the park. I looked around with fresh eyes and wound up only reusing one spot that I've used in the past (the bridge, because the bridge is just lovely). 

So not only did I have a fresh experience with my photography, but I had the GREATEST time with Decker and Lyric. Decker was hilarious and absolutely thrilled to be taking his senior portraits (not haha) but he persevered with a good attitude as senior boys often struggle to do. Lyric was a sweetheart and willing to accommodate all my crazy ideas. Thanks for climbing a wall, wandering through tall grass, and doing ridiculous hair twirls for me, girl. It was just a really fun, fulfilling session for me. I'm so glad they found their way in front of my camera!