Senior Portrait Love

 Why I Love Senior Portraits

senior portraits richmond virginiaI am seriously LOVING all the response I've been getting to my senior model program this year, and it hasn't even started yet! I'm loving the applications I'm receiving and have been secretly stalking all these amazing ladies' social medias muahaha. It's going so well that I'm moving up my deadline for senior model applicants to May 18. I've already gotten more applications than anticipated and I don't want to make the narrowing down process any harder than necessary! I also figure that the seniors who are really serious about it will have applied already anyway, so why not reward the go getters?

If you're a rising senior, class of 2015, then please make sure you apply at my senior website so that you get the chance to enjoy all the perks I have planned for my senior models this year. I'm thinking of new, exciting things every day :)

So on that note, I thought I'd take some time to explain why I LOVE seniors and shooting senior portraits.

Senior portraits are unlike any other photo shoot I do. It's really the only time where I'm photographing ONE person and everything centers around them. Weddings, engagements, even with families I'm trying to capture a relationship and the way these people feel about each other. The closeness, the joy.

With seniors, I'm capturing an amazing time in life. It's a time when these teenagers are starting to make their first really huge life decisions. The whole world is their opportunity. I love that optimistic, anything can happen spirit in a high school senior. I think senior portraits should capture that joy, freedom, and anticipation.

At the same time, these portraits are completely centered around this very unique person who is at the point in his or her life where they're really embracing their talents and interests. Dreaming is good and anything is possible. I love how senior portraits so often incorporate the senior's dreams and passions. It's a session where, unlike your wedding or family photos, it's fun to shoot for trendy styles and daring themes.

It's also a nice little perk that seniors are generally adventurous and when I say, hey do you think you can climb up that rock or run through that puddle, they pretty much always want to ;)

I'm really looking forward to balancing out my weddings and engagements this summer with senior portrait sessions. I always have the best time shooting them! Thanks to all those who have applied for the senior model program already!