Senior Portraits at Crump Park in Henrico, VA - Jill

I am so excited to share Jill's senior portraits. Jill is one of my senior models this year, which means she's representing my business for me at her school and work. Jill attends Lloyd C Bird High School (my former high school!) and works as a lifeguard part time. She's a country girl (obviously! you will see in these photos!), but she's sassy and fun. She also wants to attend the greatest school in the world, James Madison University, when she graduates from high school next year. Major points in my book! She came to me because she was friends with Nicole, who I did my very first, official photo shoot with. Jill remembered her pictures and was eager to be a senior model and have her own portraits done.


I've been dying over these photos ever since we took them. Β Literally. Dying. We went to Crump Park which is in Henrico. When you first drive into Crump Park it seems like any other park with baseball fields, families having picnics, kids running around playing. But when you drive a little further, in between the baseball fields, there is a gorgeous fenced in field full of horses! I was so excited because Jill had told me she wanted a "farm" feel to her portraits and I had expected something rustic, but not actual farm animals! And it didn't end with the horses. When we went back to the museum section of the park, there were goats and sheep and chickens. So much fun.

When Jill arrived I probably scared her with how eager I was. She hadn't even gotten out of the car before I told her about the horses. Thankfully, she was pretty jazzed herself. We had a great time shooting. I always especially enjoy working with seniors because they have no fear at all. They will do anything for a great photo. Jill was climbing fences, walking through tall grass, getting her cute outfits all sorts of messy. And she was full of ideas. She pointed out some tall grass that she'd like to take photos in and that set of pictures turned out to be my very favorite.

Without further ado, here are my favorites from Jill's senior portrait session:


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