Senior Portraits in Chesterfield, VA

Chesterfield, VA Senior Portraits

I have some local celebrities for you guys today. All right, I'm not trying to get carried away, but the boys I photographed for this twin senior session really are superstars in the swimming world! Ethan and Clark have already been accepted to the University of Florida and will continue to swim there. I can't wait for them to go to the Olympics one day so I can brag about how I knew them for like an hour one day haha.

Ethan and Clark's mom told me she wanted some photos of her boys in their swimming gear, so I said why not go to their pool and take some photos there!? She thought it was a great idea, and the swimming pictures turned out to be some of our favorites. Luckily, the boys' pool happens to be right down the road from Sunday Park in Brandermill so we popped over there afterward for some additional shots that could be a little more casual and a little less wet ;)

Swimming was always my sport growing up. I did it every summer and most winters until high school when swimming got replaced by things like colorguard and orchestra and the literary magazine (proud nerd). So it was really fun for me to step into that environment, smell that crazy chlorine, and do something a little different for these senior portraits! I mean, it was already different enough to photograph two brothers at once! Luckily, Ethan and Clark are just like their brother Lane, who I photographed last year, in that they are so sweet and agreeable. From what I've encountered, most senior boys grin and bear their senior pictures because they love their mom... and this is proof that Paula's boys really really love her! haha!