Senior Portraits in Richmond, VA

senior portraits richmond virginia.jpg

Tuckahoe Plantation Senior Portraits in Richmond, VA

I hardly know where to begin with this session. Michaela was such a rock star. She reaffirmed everything I love about senior portraits. Our location, Tuckahoe Plantation, was the absolute most perfect place to shoot in Richmond. If this session doesn't convince you that paying a location fee can be totally worth it, nothing will. The whole session, for me, was invigorating and inspiring. And to top it all off, this whole family was a total joy to work with. Michaela's mom and I bonded over our love for tea, Michaela's dad entertained my puppy throughout our entire ordering appointment, and our whole session just reminded me of what a fun job I have. Like seriously, people pay me to do this and that's pretty incredible!

Michaela is graduating in June... which is awesome for her and sad for me since she'd be SO PERFECT for my senior model program. Why didn't I find her last year!? Ugh. Anyway! She's headed off to VCU in the Fall... which is awesome. My brother went to VCU and had the best time there. In fact, he decided he loved it so much, he wound up living down the street!

Enjoy these senior pictures... Senior portraits are definitely at the top of my list of favorite things to shoot. They're just so fun and seniors are the perfect age to show off some personality and showcase personality!