Senior Portraits at Pocahontas State Park in Chesterfield, VA

My most recent senior photo shoot was with this beautiful young lady, Elizabeth.

I was excited to work with her and her mother. She had actually already had some senior portraits done, but they hadn't been very pleased with the results. They liked the classic drape pose that goes in the yearbook, but wanted some photos that better captured who Elizabeth is.

So, can you guess who Elizabeth is?

She's probably the most environmentally-conscious person I've ever met. Definitely the youngest! What an amazing thing to be passionate about at such a young age. Our photo session felt like a fun nature walk to me. For instance, I learned that there are some trees that benefit from bark removal. How did I learn this? Well, Elizabeth's journal is made from just such a tree's bark. I do have some paper made from elephant poop, but I don't think that's quite as cool... and I can't really bring myself to use it. Sort of defeats the purpose doesn't it?

Poor Elizabeth. While the photo turned out lovely and ethereal, Elizabeth was in reality crouching in a ditch on the side of the road that happened to have some beautiful golden flowers in it that her mother had noticed on the way to the shoot. I stood on the other side of the road and shot photos between the cars flying by at 55mph and then raced over for some close ups. Definitely worth it ;)

It was a really fun, casual shoot of walking and talking through the woods and stopping for photos every now and then. I hope we were able to truly capture her personality and her passion. Now, Elizabeth can graduate and go save the planet for us all!