Seven Things


Happy Monday everyone! This weekend, wow, I don't even know where to begin. Talk about ending 2014 with a bang. So today, because my head is reeling from this crazy weekend, because too many things happened to form one coherent idea, and because I just feel like it, I give you a list.

1. I was honored that The Boathouse asked me to cover their first hosting of a seriously special Richmond dinner experience called Dinner in the Field. I was so impressed by the chefs, the food, the ambiance, and all the attention to detail.If you want to treat yourself or someone else to a really special dining experience, Dinner in the Field would be a brilliant way to do that. That pumpkin risotto? Wowzers.

2. I broke a lens for the first time this weekend. I wanted to cry, but not really. I was in too much shock. Since Dinner in the Field starts outdoors, I was wearing a coat and I think it threw off my camera bag balancing on my shoulder and my bag just slipped right off and my favorite/most expensive/super useful 70-200mm lens popped out and hit the ground with the worst noise I've ever heard IN MY LIFE. Ugh. Luckily, my friend Carly was sweet enough to let me borrow hers for the rest of the weekend, but that FEELING. I can't even give it words.

3. Saturday, I shot my last wedding of the season! It's going to be wonderful to get back my Saturdays, especially for Erik who doesn't enjoy the aloneness as much as I do ;) I had a great time at Saturdays wedding, partly because Sarah, Andrew and their families were so sweet and excited, partly because I was constantly seeing old friends from high school, partly because the adorable ginger (they're the best!) flower girl was so entertaining, and partly because one of my best friends was the matron of honor and I just never see her enough. 

4. Sunday, I was up bright and early (which makes no sense because it was actually PITCH BLACK) for a sunrise engagement session with one of next year's wedding couples. Lauren and Jon were THE BEST and we just instantly had a great time. I kept finding "one more spot!" to shoot at because they were such fun, sunrise is so lovely, and Erik told me he wanted to do yard work on Sunday so I asked Lauren and Jon if I could just hang out with them all day instead. 

5. If you love Gilmore Girls, like I and many other brilliant people do, you should really try some of the classic movies that Lorelai is always referring to. I watched His Girl Friday on Sunday afternoon and I kept thinking that if people today had actually seen this movie they'd never complain about the speed talking on Gilmore Girls. THOSE actors knew how to talk fast and be witty. It's almost sad to think about how modern comedy has to go slow and pause for laughter for people to realize it's funny... ugh, I love fast funny stuff. Thank you, Gilmore Girls and classic movies for understanding that I have a brain and it works.

6. Erik and I have a Chipotle addiction. We're starting to recognize employees. We mercilessly judge the scoop size of our ingredients. We both commend the happy Chipotle employee who gave me the massive scoop of salsa because I had to wait an extra ten seconds for a fresh batch. Erik was a little envious. I could tell.

7. GREEN BAY. JORDY NELSON. AARON RODGERS. AHHHH... Sunday night football was pretty epic. It sounds patronizing, but it's true, eventually I was kind of hoping Cutler would throw a few good balls so that he wouldn't be so sad anymore. Then I got myself together and watched Aaron set more records. Ah, so beautiful. (PS, I'm imagining my dad reading this right now, so amused/proud that one of his children finally has feelings about football.)

How was your weekend? Are you as exhausted as I am? Does it bother you than I ended this list on an odd number? That could tell you something about yourself.