Seven Year Anniversary


Here we are again. Another year's gone by. It happens faster and faster now. If you really want to become hyper aware of how quickly life goes by, have a child. That'll do it.

My last anniversary post ended with "here's to year seven and hopefully more sleep" and I'd just like to say, this year has definitely included more sleep for all of us and it's been FANTASTIC. Probably the highlight of the year if I'm being honest. Sleep rules.

This year has been different than last. Last year we were in survival mode. We were navigating a very different season of life from where we'd been before and learning how we were going to do that. This year has felt so much calmer. We're more confident in ourselves as parents. We get more SLEEP. And thus, we get more time. Time together and time alone to follow our own hobbies. Erik has been streaming and playing video games. I've been podcasting and catching up on the TV I missed for a year. But the best thing is that we've  been able to connect together more.

Our New Year's resolution this year was to plan a monthly date night. And to take turns planning it each month. It has been the BEST thing. I actually wish we had started doing it years ago. Pre-baby you feel like every night is date night... but it's not! You eat dinner, you watch some TV, etc. But having a highlighted DATE NIGHT makes you more intentional and thoughtful about your time together. It's a fun treat to look forward to and an excuse to do something you've maybe never done before or something that you know you already love doing.

It's especially important after having Willow that we make this time. A very wise friend of mine told me that your relationship with your spouse should always be your #1 priority because everything else stems from that. And I completely agree. When we take time for ourselves it's not just for our own enjoyment, it's so that Willow has stronger, happier parents who are modeling a healthy relationship. 

I feel so lucky. Erik and I have been married 7 years, but dated 3 years before that. So I've now spent 10 years with him. And we have grown and changed and become so much better since then. Better people and a better couple. One of the things I love most about Erik is how furiously he pinpoints his own flaws and strives to improve them. I try to do the same, but I know he's better at it. I'm too stubborn to admit my own flaws most of the time. But luckily his knack for doing that has transcended to our relationship and we've both seen the value in addressing our issues head on. In communicating better. In being proactive and prioritizing each other's needs.

Here are our anniversary pictures from years 1-7

Erik, I'm so thankful I have you. We really do make the most awesome team. I'd be very jealous if I weren't part of us ;)  I'm glad that we both see the world so similarly and yet approach it so differently. I'm thrilled we're both equally smitten with our little girl. I'm impressed every day by your dedication to your goals and to us. I'm excited to see what the next 10 years will be like. And I'm always so charmed by you being exactly who you are all the time.

The Barn at Timber Creek Wedding_0142.jpg

Oh, and thanks for watching Buffy and House with me and not hating on Lost TOO hard. Those things are really important too.