Shenandoah Valley Bridal Portraits

shenandoah valley bridal portraits

Brandi's Shenandoah Valley Bridal Portraits

I love bridal portraits. But I hate bridal portraits. 

I love seeing the bride all bride-ed out for the first time, so excited because this is how she's going to look on her WEDDING DAY. I love capturing something special for her to share with her groom, family, and friends. And I love having all the time in the world to do it.

I hate that I can't immediately plaster Facebook with gorgeous bridal portraits BECAUSE IT'S A SECRET. Ah, it is so hard! 

Today's bridal portraits are of Brandi. You saw her Shenandoah Valley engagement photos last November. Unfortunately I already had a wedding the weekend of Brandi's wedding so I didn't get to shoot that, but I'm so glad we had the opportunity to do engagement and bridal portraits. Brandi is so easy to photograph. She just emits this natural, comfortable joy that I love. Oh, and she's a fellow Duke Dog and I love me a fellow JMU-er :)

When we planned this bridal portrait session, we wanted classic Shenandoah Valley mountains with pastoral, rustic landscapes. Well, mother nature had a different idea. It was POURING rain and unfortunately, we'd both driven from hours away so we weren't rescheduling! 

We found a barn and we made it work. As frustrating as it can feel when your perfect plans are drowned out by rain, it always makes for completely unique photos. So brides, don't worry! It WILL work out :)