Sick Days

2014-04-02_0001Well today is the first day in a while I woke up and attempted to follow my normal routine. Since last Friday I noticed that the side of my neck was pretty sore. Anyone who knows me knows that this is unfortunately a pretty frequent thing for me! Between my two car accidents, one where I was hit from behind and one where I was hit as a pedestrian from the side, I've had a lot of neck pain since college. I see a chiropractor regularly and use a special pillow at night and these things have helped, but when my neck hurts I tend to write it off as "normal." So Saturday morning when my neck felt a little worse, Erik hypothesized that I'd pulled a muscle swimming. But as the day went on (a wedding day, the most exhausting of days), I realized it wasn't so much a muscle as it was the lymph node and figured I was fighting some normal cold or infection of some sort because lymph nodes tend to swell up when that happens. I was very tired, but it was a wedding day! Everyone's tired on a wedding day.

Sunday, it was hurting. A lot more than any lymph node has hurt me before and I've had some very swollen lymph nodes between my allergies and mono and Lyme and well, all the other weird things that have happened to me. It felt very sensitive to touch, and Erik said it looked slightly swollen. I was also very tired, again, but it was post-wedding day and I had a portrait session to do! So I went off to Richmond, shot some portraits, visited my brother, spent $4000 at CVS (it was an emergency, ha, seriously), and headed home. When I got home I remember thinking about making dinner and just thinking about how exhausting that would be.

Monday I woke up after sleeping 12 hours feeling completely exhausted and feeling like the side of my face was burning. I touched it and just the feel of my fingertips on skin was painful. Naturally I googled swollen lymph node and saw lots of "if your lymph node swells more than a centimeter, consult a doctor." When you're swollen from your ear to the side of your throat and are having difficulty opening your mouth to eat, it's time to see a doctor. So I did and she took some blood and determined that if this had started as some war against an infection, I had won it, because there wasn't any abnormal amount of white blood cells. My lymph node had just gone "haywire." A lymph node infection. Apparently this sometimes happens to people with severe allergies, which I do have. I also have a family history of autoimmune issues, aka my body is kind of confused about what's a sickness, what's not, and so let's just fight things all the time.

All this to say, I've been laying around on a couch for the past two days with warm compresses laying on my face and I'm happy to say that after some antibiotics, I woke up with an almost normal looking face today. It's definitely not perfect, but I'm feeling a lot better and looking a lot more like a person! Being sick is no fun. And it always reminds me that I wish I had a laptop because when I'm sick, I don't have the energy to sit at my desk chair (I know, that's pathetic) so I basically disappear from blogging and editing and all those other fun things I could be doing. Even I get tired of reruns, smoothies, and Netflix after a while.

I had meant to start this week with my grand bathroom reveal, but those "finishing touches" I was planning on doing this weekend never got done, so I'll be doing that today and will have an update for you by the end of the week!