Small Business Saturday Special!

 Hello, lovely people! Since becoming a small business, I've started to really appreciate the small, local businesses around me. I have always tended to gravitate to those shops and restaurants anyway, but now I do so with even more conviction. Yeah, I still love Chickfila and Target and when it comes down to it, if I can get the same thing for a lower price, I'm going to get it at one of those big stores. I love local shops, but I am trying to save my pennies just like everyone else! However! What I really love about small businesses is that, almost always, they offer something completely different and special that you just won't get with a coupon and nationwide sale. I don't feel like photography is any different. You can pay $149 for a full session at JCPenney Portraits (I just looked this up and wow I seriously thought they were cheaper than that? Now I really don't get why people do this.) for perfectly fine pictures of everyone standing in front of a white sheet, looking sort of happy.Also, I thought it was ironic that these "personalized portraits all looked kind of the same with people holding different items...Anyway, this was not meant to be a bash on JCP. I buy clothes there. They're a great store! And hey, maybe some people like generic backgrounds, flat lighting, and posing. But I think even JCP would agree with me on this: photography is not what they do. It's another way for them to make money. Just like Wal Mart, Sears, whoever else has a tiny studio within their giant store. It's just a little piece to their big puzzle.When you shop with a small business, you're seeking an expert.I remember when I was wedding dress shopping and my first stop was David's Bridal because I saw all the $99 dress commercials and to someone who wasn't prioritizing her wedding dress, that sounded like a good idea. I told the salespeople that was why I had come.  I was basically shouting over THE DJ IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STORE who was starting some weird kind of party, or trying to confuse all the brides into buying something they didn't come for. I waited about half an hour for my special salesperson who told me they didn't actually have any gowns for $99. That was annoying, but I told her to keep the dresses under $400 (hello, quadrupling the price I'd gone in thinking I'd spend) and yet she still brought me expensive dresses to try on. The cheapest one she brought me was $750. After the first dress, I made her tell me the price before even trying the rest of the dresses. I told her I hadn't come here to spend that much money and wasn't interested in anything she had chosen for me and her response was that I shouldn't get married in a dress that would look like I came from Wal Mart.I. Was. Stunned.Seriously, lady? I left after that. It was a terrible experience and the store was so crowded I couldn't even see myself in the dresses in a mirror without standing in a clothesrack. I'm not exaggerating. Now, to David's Bridals credit, I think that was a horribly busy day or something. I don't know why. But I did go back to look at bridesmaid dresses since it's just convenient when you have friends who live around the country to go to a chain store. But my wedding dress? I wound up buying it from a small business, run by sisters who just loved dresses. It was called Sestra and unfortunately they went out of business in 2012! I had such a nice experience there. Nobody made me feel guilty for staying within my budget. The lady helping me gave me real advice about what styles and colors would flatter me. It was wonderful and I was happy to give them my business. It's SO sad to me that they're not in business anymore! It's tough to be a small business and they're just one example of what can happen without local support. And um, my wedding dress looked awesome and cost half of what the David's Bridal lady wanted me to spend...


My wedding dress is not the point. It is an example. It is an example of supporting small businesses and the superior service they so often give you.

To thank you for supporting me and my small business, I'm offering a limited time special!

 Today through Monday, you can purchase a portrait session with me, at the location of your choice for $225 (regularly $300).

You can buy this session for your family and finally get some real portraits done! Or! Maybe you want to gift it to someone for the holidays. Either way is fine by me. The session is limited to five people with an additional fee for more people, and is not valid for weddings. If the session is being gifted and you'd like a gift certificate, please add that to the notes when you make your purchase.

Please email me if you have any questions! Purchases must be made by midnight this Cyber Monday to lock in the deal!

[This deal has ended]