Snow Day!

2014-01-30_0004 Well, I've never made any secret of my undying love for snow. I'm Twitter friends with our local meteorologists so that when a possible snow storm is coming I can tweet things at them like "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and "YESSSSS" and "Pleeeease, mighty snow wizards!!!!!" They should really unfriend me immediately.

Snow is too magical to not love it. I don't understand the people who don't love snow. I live with one of those people and I still don't understand it. If you're like Erik's grandparents who live in Johnstown, PA and are flooded with snow all the time and it makes it really difficult to get around and things are dangerous all the time, I get that. That's not so fun. But in Richmond, VA where we generally get about two inches of non-life-threatening snow that still manages to close schools for a week, what on earth is there to not love about that!?

I wanted to take pictures of Erik and Zeke in the snow yesterday, but we've been fighting colds this past week, Erik's much worse, so he didn't want to play in the snow :( It's an extra shame since it was perfect, powdery, fun snow!

Here are a few pictures I took in my neighborhood. And a few I snuck of Erik when he wasn't looking. And a few of myself doing ridiculous things with snow after bribing Erik with pancakes to take a few pictures of me.

Pancakes will get you everywhere in life.

2014-01-30_0001 2014-01-30_0002 2014-01-30_00032014-01-30_0005 2014-01-30_0006Apparently we were the only ones with faith that the trash people would still come.

2014-01-30_0007Am I the only one who thinks mailboxes are quaint and adorable no matter what they look like?

2014-01-30_00102014-01-30_0008The snow looks a lot deeper from this angle! Haha.


People who don't like snow are often the same people who enjoy wearing leather jackets. It's a common affliction. 2014-01-30_0011YAY!!!!! SNOW DAY! :D

snow dayI'm going to do a cool, blow the snow like confetti picture! ...

snow dayErr...



2014-01-30_00172014-01-30_0013 Happy Snow Day everyone! And yes, that deserves capital letters :)