So Long, 2013!

2013-12-31_0020 It's New Year's Eve and we're hosting a party tonight, but before I start making lists of what to buy at the store and putting our house guests to work (muahaha), I decided I needed to write this post. I've loved scrolling through everyone else's 2013 favorite photo posts so much that I had to do it for myself. It was too hard to pick one from all my clients, so I wound up with favorites from each session. Whoops :)

It's rewarding for me to look back at where I was a year ago and see how far I've come and most importantly, how much I've learned. Later this week I'll be writing about my 2014 goals, putting it out to the world to hold myself a little more accountable for them. It will be a very scary post. But this past year, I didn't have concrete goals. My goals were basically... learn to shoot weddings and DO IT. I remember in February calling this random person from the internet who happened to be James Lee from 88 Love Stories and saying hey, I basically have no wedding experience at all, would you mind too terribly much if I tagged along to some of your weddings and lurked around PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE. And for some weird reason he said yes. That turned into a heck of a year for me and also led me to a network of awesome people I wouldn't otherwise know. I'm beyond thankful for that phone call and the chain of events it created.

Here are my favorite client photos from 2013! (I have to specify "client" because I figured you guys wouldn't want a whole post full of pictures of the ferret and the redhead!).

So long, 2013. It's been real :)

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