Some Florida Sunshine

You may have noticed... I kind of disappeared last week. I'm looking at my last blog post and it's full of SNOW. That seems like it was forever ago. When I gave myself the freedom to not blog if I didn't want to blog, I feel like I got a little carried away with that. We were on vacation the past week, which you definitely know if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook!, but in hindsight, I feel like I should have posted something on the blog about that to let people know. Especially if I'm going to consider the blog the most authentic way of sharing myself with internet land.

So! Hey guys, I was in Florida last week! :) 

Tallahassee to be specific. 

One of my best friends, Nicole, moved to Tallahassee a few years ago when Bret, her then fiance, now husband, started attending graduate school at Florida State University. It's been sad for them to be so far away because I love hanging out with them, but we've stayed in constant communication. I think Nicole and I talk and connect more than most people I see on my day to day. It's as if, because she's so far away, we've chosen to prioritize our friendship and make sure the distance doesn't hurt it. It's been a really good thing.

The other awesome thing about Nicole? She really helped inspire me to start this business. That sounds a little grand, but there's something wonderful about Nicole that lets you speak crazy dreams and she takes you so seriously that you believe they're possible. I remember on one of our infamous Girls Weekend trips, sharing a room and not being able to sleep one night, and I told her I was thinking of doing this. And she was so confident and encouraging and exactly what I needed when I was so scared of switching careers. I'll never forget that.

She and Bret have been married for two years now, which is kind of crazy! That same cabin trip where I talked about starting a business, Nicole was talking about this new amazing guy she was dating. A lot changes quickly! That's why photos are so important. Nicole wanted anniversary portraits that showed her and Bret in Tallahassee, where their marriage really began. So this past week, we took lots of photos at lots of their favorite places. I'll share more about that later when I have all the beautiful photos ready.

The other cool thing about this trip? Bret loves photography too! He took some photos with my camera for me and Erik, which was so awesome! So I figured I could share those until I have the awesome anniversary portraits to share with you. So here's a few pictures of me and Erik in Tallahassee, but just know that we weren't the stars of this show ;) Stay tuned!