Something Missing


Well you guys... I honestly could not decide if I wanted to write this blog post or not. I have such a mixture of feelings about it, but ultimately I decided that I wanted to be clear for my prospective clients and maybe this would help.

If you've looked around recently, you'll notice that I've officially removed weddings from my website. Not from my blog. Those will always be there. But my home page no longer has a "Weddings" section like it did before, now it's just "Engagements." I have my wedding gallery up still for now just because it's such a significant part of my photography portfolio, but if I continue to get wedding inquiries in my email, I will take that down too in case that's confusing. I think it just makes my heart lurch to completely delete the wedding gallery! Haha!


So there it is, I'm not photographing weddings anymore. Or at least not in the foreseeable future. I've so enjoyed the couples and weddings I've been a part of for the past five years (oh my gosh, five years!?) and it was my bread and butter for a long time. But I'm ready for that to change and I don't think it will until I cut it off completely and focus on what I really want to do, portrait sessions. 

There's a very common complaint in the wedding industry that we wedding professionals have high prices because of the "wedding markup." I know I felt that way when I was innocently planning my wedding seven years ago. But I didn't realize then all of the extra time and care that goes into any service involved with a wedding. By the time everything is complete, I probably send 100 emails back and forth with my brides over the course of a year or two or however long it is between their booking and their album being finished. All of that time and energy spent to make sure my couples get exactly what they want for their engagement session, wedding, and wedding album. All of that time and energy that most people never think about at all!

With Willow's arrival, I just don't have the spare time for all of that. This year, I've reveled in the efficiency with which I can plan, photograph, and design artwork for a client's portrait session. I've so enjoyed helping families get their photos printed and in the real world. It's so rewarding for me to see my work and their memories in a tangible, non-digital form. And as my life's focus has transitioned toward my own family, it seems fitting to follow that personal passion with my business.

These are just a few reasons of many that I've made this decision. I'll be glad to plan events on Saturdays again and no longer worry about the potential brides I'm missing by doing that. I'll be glad to have more weekend time with my family. I know when I see my friends' beautiful wedding images, I'm going to be jealous of the gorgeous venues and joyful couples, but I'm trying to listen to the little voice inside me more these days. I have a long history of ignoring my gut feelings and sticking to well thought out plans, even when they aren't working, so this is certainly not a comfortable feeling for me. But I do think it's the right one.

So! If you have a family portrait session, senior portrait session, proposal, or an engagement session that you need photographed, I am still here! And if you need a wedding photographer, well I have some pretty cool friends! :)