Soul Seeking


Last week I received the best text message of my life. My best friend, Kristen, who had just thrown me the loveliest, most perfect baby shower, asked if I could go to the beach with her... like, tomorrow. I was amazed because we aren't normally so spontaneous haha, and I never get to see Kristen THREE weeks in a row! She lives two hours away and is the busiest person I know. Anyway, of course I said yes and off we went.

Life is crazy enough when you're getting ready for a new baby. But there has been so much other stuff going on that's added to that stress lately, that I don't think this impromptu beach trip could have come at a more perfect time.

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you've probably heard about Lily and some of the health ordeals we've been enduring lately. She's currently curled up on the sofa beside me now, recovering from her surgery and just being the most pathetic ball of sad you've ever seen. The last few weeks with her have been so hard. That's probably been my #1 stressor. Willow's not here yet, so for now, Lily's my baby and nothing will make you worry more than watching your puppy dog suffer for months, paying ungodly vet bills, just to get nowhere over and over again.

Anyway, getting away last week, even just for one night was perfection. Kristen and I always, without hesitation, fall back into rhythm, like we've never lived apart (we lived together for 3/4 years in college) and can immediately dive into the big life topics that we both need to talk about. There's just no one else in the world who I can sit on the (cold) beach with and talk to for 48 hours and never get tired of. With the possible exceptions of Erik and the rest of the balconyfest bff crew. Even that is just not the same as the closeness you feel with someone you rode bikes with in elementary school.

So that is literally all we did. We sat on the beach with our coconut waters, wearing three layers of jackets, and talked about our lives and listened to the ocean. We went to lovely restaurants for lunch and dinner, and even though one of them made us both sick for days, I don't regret a second of it! Kristen laughed hysterically when she heard the effort it took me to roll over in bed at night. "Oh my God are you still rolling over, that is INSANE!" We managed to lock ourselves out of our room and onto our balcony, despite the hotel's new door knobs that Mr. Handyman told us were incapable of doing such a thing (he was pretty impressed).

The only photo we took. We were way too busy for selfie-ing. 

The only photo we took. We were way too busy for selfie-ing. 

It was a wonderful calm in the midst of a storm. And I'm so thankful my soulmate pulled me into it for a little bit. Who knows how I'd be handling Lily's surgery this week without her! And who knows how long it will be before we get to do something spontaneous like that again. Next time we may be teaching a ginger baby how to build sandcastles. And that will be pretty magical too.