Southern Virginia Bridal Portraits

Becca's Southern Virginia Bridal Portrait Session

Maybe it's because I feel like I'm in the country when I drive toward Southwest Virginia. Maybe it's because Becca is just incredibly sweet, funny, and charming. Maybe it's because of the gorgeous white house and grounds you're about to see, but this whole session makes me just think of everything good about the South and why YOU are the best person to think of your photo location, not me. I could never have suggested Becca's mother-in-law's house, and yet it turned out to be absolutely perfect. And so much more meaningful to the whole family!

Becca is seriously one of the easiest people to photograph. And she, like everyone, warned me that she is not good at taking pictures. I think there's a huge misconception out there that some people ARE good at taking pictures! Maybe we all underestimate the abilities of professional models or something, because in my experience, everyone is nervous and most people think they photograph strangely. Becca photographs perfectly, as you'll see, and is the absolute best at laughing at my poor attempts at jokes. I am always super grateful for that!

These bridal portraits are just a tease since the wedding pictures are still to come, but oh what a tease! It had stormed earlier in the day, and there's something about post-thunderstorm light that is extra magical and gorgeous. We got the perfect glowy sun-kissed photos that I LOVE and that I hope Becca and her family will enjoy for years to come.