Storytime Series


I just looked up "storytime" in the dictionary and apparently it's not really a word. It's two words. But for the sake of prettier blog titles and my devotion to alliteration, we will pretend it is one word. I've been thinking off and on for the last few months about starting a series on my blog that has nothing to do with photography. I wish I was one of those awesome crafty, DIY people who could teach you really useful tricks for decorating your house or arranging your wedding centerpieces. My DIY posts are usually about how things went horribly wrong and "here's what not to do." Which is fine! Don't worry, I'm sure there will be plenty more of that! But photography and writing have always been two of my favorite hobbies, so it's a bit tricky to find another one to write about. Then I realized, it was really obvious.

I love stories. LOVE them. I think I majored in English at JMU because it involved two of my favorite things: writing and stories. I minored in creative writing and those were some of the best classes I've ever taken. I don't know if other colleges do it like this, but at JMU our creative writing classes were small, usually about ten of us. This lets you really get to know each other and your writing styles. I had a blast reading other people's work and getting real, meaningful feedback of my own. I loved the process of creating, editing, analyzing, editing, and winding up with something rich and meaningful. In hindsight, the process is extremely similar to photography. Β And I think that I enjoy wedding photography the most because I love the story element. To me, weddings are the pinnacles of relationships. That's not to say that it's all downhill afterward! Haha maybe pinnacle isn't the right choice of word. But a wedding is a marker. It marks the end of one time period and the beginning of the rest. Yes, the day in itself is a story and that's what I enjoy capturing, but as everybody knows, it is the beginning of a much longer, much more meaningful story.

2013-09-20_0003Β This was the closest thing I could find to a picture of me reading haha. Can you tell I was excited when this book came out?

So this series will highlight some of my favorite stories. I can already tell you that my favorite stories rarely depend on what happens plot-wise and always involve vivid characters. I'm fascinated by people more than anything. It's a little ironic because I'm an introverted person and can literally spend days in my house alone with no problem whatsoever. But I love the unpredictable, varied nature of people. To me, photographing a landscape is nice and I do it every now and then, but I can't connect to a photo unless there are people in it.

Sometimes my favorite stories are books, obviously I love to read (these things are all true of me). But I didn't want to limit myself by talking about only books because I love TV shows, movies, and music, too. Β Hopefully this series will do two things. 1. Inspire you with new stories to go check out and enjoy! And 2. Show you a bit more about who I am. You can probably already tell I'm really passionate about this topic from all my crazy rambling. When I first started writing this post, I had planned to jump straight into my first choice of story, but I realized that would make for one mega long post. I'll spare you and save it for next week. But if you're a romantic, you're sure to love it! ;-)

What about you? What kind of stories draw you in? If you know a great one that I need to read/watch/listen to, leave it in the comments!