Styled Shoot

Behind the Scenes

 While I can't show you actual photos of what took place yesterday (we need to get them published with a wedding blog before we can do that), I can show you a little into the process of it all! 

Honestly, I have mixed feelings about styled shoots. A year ago, I was vehemently opposed. But that was because I was seeing other photographers load up their portfolios with "fake weddings" so to speak and I just felt like there was something disingenuous about that. But I've come to realize that that's not the norm. There are a lot of benefits to having complete creative control over a shoot.

On a wedding day, all the vendors are working their hardest to make that couple's wedding dreams come true. That sometimes means making choices that WE THE VENDORS may not have chosen. The cake designer might think that actually purple would look better with this theme, but the bride wants green so we'll go with that because really, nothing matters more than what the couple wants.

A styled shoot, where we can go crazy with creativity and do exactly what WE would like to do gives us the opportunity to show what we're really capable of, the kind of wedding we would love to be a part of. It lets us take a few more risks and know that no one will be missing out but us if those risks don't pay off. 

The other great thing? Thanks to this recent styled shoot, I've been able to spend time with and get to know an amazing event planner, cake artist, florist, hair/makeup artist, jewelry designer, graphic designer, and of course, all our gorgeous models! Those relationships are important (AND fun). I have more great vendors to refer my brides to now. It's basically a win/win/win situation for everyone involved.

Here are a few behind the scenes shots from me and some cell phone shots from the other ladies!

Sometimes fire ants attack your cake. That's not cool. But it is really funny looking.

I seriously can't wait to share all these beautiful photos. I shot bridal portraits recently and I couldn't share any of those either! Guys, I can't do this non-sharing thing! It's against my nature!