Summer Soccer

2014-08-04_0001One of the things Erik has really missed from college and pre-college is playing soccer. So when one of his friends said his summer soccer team needed a keeper, Erik was quick to join. He's been having a blast and it's been fun for me to see since I never went to any of his games in college. Busy living it up you know... or watching America's Next Top Model, one of the two. His team had a rocky start, but suddenly they're doing extremely well! They were in eighth place in the league (I think there are ten teams?) and managed to beat the second place team, which earned them a spot in the finals. They had to play the #3 team and they won again, so now it's off to the semi-finals! Woot! They'll be playing that game tomorrow night, so make sure to wish Erik luck in the meantime ;)

I've been enjoying watching the games and taking pictures, but I learned that it's impossible to watch a sporting event and simultaneously take good photos. It's too fast and if you zoom in, you're missing something somewhere else on the field. So most of the time I don't take photos, but at two of the games I did, so enjoy some awkward, passionate sports faces! And yeah, these are pretty much all of Erik... he's kind of my fave.

2014-08-04_0002 2014-08-04_0003 2014-08-04_0004 2014-08-04_0005 2014-08-04_0006 2014-08-04_0007This one's the best. I love the drama.

Hoping for another victory tomorrow!