Sunset Portraits


sunset portraits

Three posts in three days? I know it's getting a little out of control. But today's a quickie! At Thanksgiving this year, my sister-in-law, Katlyn, asked if I would take a few pictures of her. Um, what a silly question ;). She was in a photography mood, too, because I helped her pick out her first SLR! I can't wait to start seeing HER pictures.

Sadly, Katlyn had to work the Friday after Thanksgiving when the rest of us were all hanging out together, so when she got home the sun was almost down and as soon as she opened the door I was all "picture time! Now!" We ran out to the backyard (hell of a backyard isn't it?)Β and the light just happened to be absolutely perfect, so we wound up with these beauties.

Special guest appearances by Darcy (the furry one, and yes, her eyes are normally different colors!), a stealthy member of the paparazzi (my mother-in-law!), and Kat!

sunset portraits sunset portraits 2013-12-05_0004 2013-12-05_0005 2013-12-05_0006 2013-12-05_0007 2013-12-05_0008 2013-12-05_0009 2013-12-05_0010They really love Christmas. And this random tree in the backyard ;)

2013-12-05_0011 2013-12-05_0012Juliet in her tower taking pictures of us taking pictures.

2013-12-05_0013At this point, there was a little America's Next Top Model coming out.

2013-12-05_0014 2013-12-05_0015And dancing.

2013-12-05_0016And yay, thanks for these, Kat!