Surprise Party for Grandpa!

My grandpa is one lucky guy. For weeks my grandma has been planning this birthday party for him and this past weekend the day finally came! My grandpa is infamous for his love for his neighborhood. He is the head of the homeowners association there and likes to be involved with everything. So naturally, when someone told him that there was an ambulance at the neighborhood clubhouse, he was there in an instant and surprise! So were we. Also, before the party, Erik and I were at my parents house. I was playing with lighting and everyone else was playing with the dogs. So that explains all the puppy pictures. They're cute, what else can I say?

Oh, and so's my mom :)

2014-02-20_0001I mean just look at her.

2014-02-20_0002This is Pixie. She's small.

2014-02-20_0003 2014-02-20_0004And this is Rondo. Of Boston Celtics fame but furrier.

2014-02-20_0005 2014-02-20_0006 2014-02-20_0007Rondo does not appreciate sharing attentions.

2014-02-20_0008Surprise! And hi, camera bag.

2014-02-20_0009 2014-02-20_0010 2014-02-20_0011 2014-02-20_0012My grandma is also pretty adorable.

2014-02-20_0013 2014-02-20_0014 2014-02-20_0015 2014-02-20_0016 2014-02-20_0017Grandma read a list of 75 things Grandpa loves. It was quite a list.

2014-02-20_0018 2014-02-20_0019 2014-02-20_0020 2014-02-20_0021 2014-02-20_0022 2014-02-20_0023 2014-02-20_0024 2014-02-20_0025 2014-02-20_0026 2014-02-20_0027 2014-02-20_0028