Topsail Island

Topsail Island

If you've been keeping up with our summer happenings, you know we took a trip to Myrtle Beach in July. Unfortunately, that trip was cut short when we realized that Erik's grandfather was too sick and we needed to go say goodbye to him in northern Virginia. We're thankful we made it to see him in time and everything worked out like it was supposed to, but with the grief and stress of that and all the additional travel involved in going there for visits and then to Pennsylvania for the memorial, the cut shortedness of our original beach trip... it felt like there was no rest this summer. And while it's true, with a baby you don't get a lot of rest on vacation anyway!, we wanted to do something fun.

Beach for Zeke

2014-05-09_0007A lot of people don't know much about ferrets at all. They are considered an "exotic" pet in the pet stores. They're even illegal in some states, including California.

Arnold really let the ferret lovers down.

But it's always amusing when people don't know about ferrets, happen to see Zeke, and either a) ask what he is b) exclaim, "OHMYGOSH is that a ferret!?" or c) alert me with panic that there is a squirrel in my house.

Ferrets love to DIG, so Erik and I thought he might really enjoy digging in the sand at the beach.


2014-05-09_0004 2014-05-09_0005This was about as far as he came, voluntarily. See, what we forgot was... ferrets DO love to dig, but they really hate open spaces. They're just too smart and know that open spaces are dangerous. It doesn't get much more open than the beach.

2014-05-09_0006 2014-05-09_0008He was much calmer when Erik held him. He's a baby. And Erik is so adorably protective of his little guy.

2014-05-09_0009The pocket ferret. A common occurrence in our house. Sometimes he's in his hood as well.

2014-05-09_0010 2014-05-09_0011 2014-05-09_0012We thought maybe he'd enjoy the dunes/grass, but he just made an automatic beeline for his carrier.

2014-05-09_0013It's actually really fortunate for us that Zeke is not comfortable in open spaces, or outside, alone, at all. There have been a few unfortunate incidences where I or guests of ours have left a door open and Zeke has wandered outside. Every time this has happened, we find Zeke not far from the door, dubiously contemplating his odds of making it any further from the house. It's SUPER terrifying to find him OUTSIDE and to think about what might have happened to him. But it is a small comfort to know he's not like a dog who will bolt as soon as he's given the chance.

Do your pets love the beach? My parents brought their puppies and they had a blast running up and down the beach (it's nice in May when no one else is there!). I'm off to go pack up our stuff as we're hitting the road again this weekend. This  time, destination: Blacksburg!

Beach Getaway - Duck, NC

I'm very excited because I've made a new commitment to my blog. I used to update my personal blog very regularly and it was a fun hobby of mine. Then, I started my first photography blog with a "photo of the day" theme. That didn't last long. I think I need words to get excited about a blog post. THEN, I started my first website and had a separate blog that went with it. I kept wanting to update it, but would think "oh that's not about photography" or "that's not professional enough." Keeping my life separate from my blog was super difficult after years of blogging about my life. Now, I'm accepting that photography and my life really shouldn't be separated. It's wrong, very very wrong. So! Let me tell you all about a past weekend of mine. The husband and I aren't officially taking  a summer vacation this year. This is a bit crazy for us. Well, for me. I actually don't think I've ever done this in my entire life (thanks, Mommy and Daddy!) and yes, I know how spoiled I am. But next summer, we're planning a big trip to Europe, so this year, we're saving up. I'm okay with this because I've wanted to go to Europe for ages.

Since we have nothing planned for this summer, when my grandparents invited us down to the beach with them for a few days I was especially thrilled. My grandma's sister owns a house in Duck, NC and we LOVE the Outer Banks, so it's always really nice going down in the off season when nobody is there. You might remember the last time we did this.



Nothing like a deserted beach to soothe the soul. It rained almost every day we were there, so when the sun came out, Erik and I headed to the beach. We walked until my ears froze off and then we'd turn around and go back to the house.



Erik always finds the best stuff on the beach. I remember in college, the first time we went to the beach together, he found a sand dollar. I was SO excited. I've been to the beach almost every year of my life and had never found one before. Naturally, the sand dollar was accidentally trashed days after we got home from said beach trip, but the memory remains!


This time there were tons of starfish everywhere. Sadly, these starfish weren't exactly... whole? Poor little guys.



Hey, it's me! There are never pictures of me, but Erik and I had just finished "camera class," so we had to put some of his new camera skills to the test. Good job, husband!





We had a great long weekend with my parents, grandparents, and all their puppies (four of them!). It's nice to have an excuse to just hang out and walk slowly for once.


Anniversary Session in Outer Banks, NC

I'm super lucky because I have family who owns a beach house and invites us to use it during the off season down in Outer Banks, North Carolina. This year, I went down in November with my parents and grandparents. My grandma has been dying for a photo session, so doing it at her favorite place in the world seemed like a fantastic idea. She and my grandpa and renewing their vows in a month after 50 YEARS of marriage. So these felt almost like engagement pictures to me! Haha, probably not to them though ;-)

This was also my first time shooting portraits on the beach. We waited til the sun was starting to set and I think it turned out beautifully.

The wonderful thing about the Outer Banks, and specifically Duck, is that it's a quick walk/drive to the other side of the island. We hurried over to get some pictures at a park on the sound.

Everyone loves a good silhouette picture! Or is that just me?

Right as we were leaving, we spotted a grassy green area that my grandma declared her favorite spot. Naturally, we needed a photo there.

And naturally, it turned out to be my favorite one.