Paint Nite

paint niteThis morning started out pretty rough. I'm naturally a late sleeper but I make myself wake up by 8 on the week days. Not too early, not too late. Well this morning I woke up at 10 with that sinking, ugh I can't believe I slept so late I really suck, kind of feeling. I'm going to blame yesterday's post-wedding hangover. Not that kind of hangover. The aching feet, sore shoulder muscles, and stiff fingers of a wedding photographer hangover ;) Anyway, I have lots of wedding images to sort through and edit, so today I'm just going to share a few pictures from last week's Paint Nite event with my mom and grandma. For the past few years, I've been trying to gift people experiences instead of things because I think they're more fun and more meaningful. So for mother's day, I gifted my mom this Paint Nite experience. It just sounded like something fun we could do together, especially since my mom loves to paint.

She decided to continue the gifting train and bought another ticket for my grandma as a birthday gift. I'm glad she did because it made for a fun, three generational evening :)

Many thanks to our artist, Lauren, she was great at making everyone comfortable and demonstrating the painting techniques.

paint nite 2014-06-02_0003 2014-06-02_0004 2014-06-02_0005That's some lovely grass right there.

2014-06-02_0006 2014-06-02_0007 2014-06-02_0008Too bad I took all these photos at "intermission" and our food and drinks weren't as pretty as they initially were.

2014-06-02_0009 2014-06-02_0010 2014-06-02_0011 2014-06-02_0012Grandma wanted a picture of her and her painting next to Marilyn :)

2014-06-02_0013The Paint Nite photographer took this photo for us and I stole it from Facebook :)

We had a great time and while our paintings may not be museum-worthy, they turned out better than I expected! It was nice to have someone take me step by step through it. Erik is always telling me that anybody can learn to draw/paint and I finally think he might be right... though it definitely comes more naturally to some people and learning to get GOOD would probably drive me insane. I will just stick to my camera. Unless we do another Paint Nite, then I'm totally game!