A Spring UVA Engagement Session

I have been VERY eagerly looking forward to this session with Kate and Will. It was a long, long winter for me personally. I felt very isolated and scared, especially in regard to the future of this business that I've worked so hard to grow the past few years. When your baby is due in May, it kind of takes all your Spring wedding options off the table, and that bummed me out for a while. But that meant that the wedding clients I HAVE booked this year just filled my heart with a little extra joy and it makes me want to love on those guys even more than normal :)

Mount Calvert Engagement Session

Betsy and Fraser's Upper Marlboro Engagement Session

2014-03-20_0021I have to say, when Betsy contacted me about shooting her wedding and engagement photos, I got really excited. Not just the normal, yay wedding, excitement. But in talking to her, I could feel the enormous amount of passion she had for 1. Fraser and 2. Africa. Africa?! you say. Yes. Betsy explained to me how the book, Out of Africa, and a summer abroad in Kenya turned into a life-altering fascination and commitment to this place that she loved. She told me how she picked up everything and moved there to live with a host family for a year, and then how she returned home, connected with Fraser, and began the balancing act of having two loves.

Now Fraser, too, has fallen under a Kenyan spell and found his own purpose as a UVA medical student in the land that his fiancée loves so much. I got to read an essay from him on his experience there and hopefully he doesn't mind me sharing it here. I think it's powerful to share experiences that inspire us.

So naturally, Africa is a huge theme in Betsy and Fraser's upcoming wedding and we wanted to carry that theme into their engagement photos. We decided on a Mount Calvert engagement session in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, where Fraser grew up, to have the perfect backdrop for these photos. Prepare yourself for some sweet, sunny pictures.

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