Tallahassee Anniversary Portraits

Nicole and I have been talking about doing these portraits for over a YEAR. Basically, since she and Bret wandered Tallahassee on their first wedding anniversary taking photos of themselves with a tripod. They wanted the next year's anniversary pictures to really document their life in Tallahassee and at Florida State University since they're moving to North Carolina soon. I was so excited because I have been wanting to visit Nicole and Bret in Florida ever since they moved there. It's just so darn far. And flights to Tally ain't cheap. (Mark that as the first time I said "ain't" on my blog... now forget I ever said it). 

I love these pictures. Seriously love them. Nicole and Bret have a natural ease to their relationship. They're so comfortable with each other. They're so attuned to each other's feelings and thoughts. We spent almost an entire week with them, and this was always so apparent. My favorite photos are the ones where they forgot about the camera and were just so themselves. There are also a few where they're laughing hysterically. For those photos, you should know that Erik was with us and providing all the comic relief to get some real laughter ;) 

It was really hard to narrow down my favorites... the more I know and love the people I'm photographing the harder it is to cut any out of the blog post!

Every anniversary, Nicole and Bret take a photo of themselves holding this picture from their wedding. It's a fantastic tradition! Think how cool it's going to be 30 years from now to see how they grow.

I looooooove this one. They are so perfect and the light is out of this WORLD.

Spanish moss. My new favorite thing.

We ended everything with a photo celebrating the start of their NEW LIFE at Appalachian State where Bret will officially start his teaching career (not that he hasn't already been teaching for years... it's hard work becoming a university professor). 

I'm excited that they'll be a lot closer to Virginia now, but I will miss those Spanish moss photos! ;)