Team Power Awesome

team power awesome

Do other couples nickname themselves? If you don't, I think you should. I don't remember how it started, but long long ago Erik started calling us Team Power Awesome. We fist bumped, we exploded the bump, we became Team Power Awesome. 

Well we've been married for three years now and have only grown in our awesomeness :)

By this I mean our teamwork. The way we balance each other, fix each other's problems, and bring each other up to just be better. I know Erik makes me more confident and I make him more patient. But sometimes you have a problem and don't even see it...

I tend to just deal with things and make the best of situations. As long as things are turning out okay I don't see any reason to change them or fiddle with anything. Go with the flow. Don't fix what ain't broken. Etc. Erik's sort of the opposite in this regard. He's a fiddler to the max. He likes to optimize. He wants things to be the best they can be and he's going to perfectionist his way into that, however he can.

There are obviously pros and cons to both mentalities. Erik's perfectionist nature gives him a lot of stress, but it makes him very successful at most things. He will be the best at almost any cost. My ability to accept and deal with a situation as it is comes in extremely handy at a wedding day where everything is out of my control and too bad if hair and make up is running two hours late or the DJ lasers are driving me nuts, I'm going to make it work. 

But sometimes, I let things be when it's about time to change things. A few weeks ago, Erik bought a new cooperative computer game for us to play online with Chris and Kat. He was a little worried that Chris and Kat wouldn't be able to join us because they were using laptops, which are just generally less powerful than desktops for gaming and a new game will have higher computer requirements. 

Well, turns out their computers could handle it just fine. Me? The person who spends most of her working hours in photo editing software? Yeah, my graphics card couldn't handle this video game. Erik hopped on my computer and investigated and couldn't believe the disaster I had been working with. Guys, at the end there, it was taking my computer 15 minutes to turn on. No joke. That actually may be a little conservative. Our room was very clean for the last month or two of using that computer because I'd clean our room while I waited for the computer to turn on :)

In my brain, it WAS working. I was able to do what I needed to do and if I have to wait 15 minutes when Erik's PC turns on in less than 15 seconds, that's fine. As long as it does what I need it to do. Just like my car's GPS which cannot register our home address, won't let you change your destination if the car is moving (no, not because of some security, stay safe feature, but because it can't find the car if it's moving), and often thinks you're on a different road than you are... it still WORKS. I can still figure out where to go based on what it tells me. But it is so inefficient. 

Well, Erik built me a new computer. It's pretty and has cool lights. That's about all I can tell you of what he did physically. My computer turns on super speedy now. Games run smoothly. I can listen to music in the background while I do other things (I used to just play music on my phone because I knew my computer didn't like multitasking). But yesterday I experienced the best part.

Lightroom, my photo editing software, runs so. much. better. Like, wow. I almost edited an entire wedding yesterday, when normally I'd be about a third of the way through. And normally I would import all my photos for a few hours, THEN start editing. This time I could import in probably a tenth of the time. I don't have to wait for photos to load to tell if they're in focus or not. 1 second and it's loaded. Boom. 


It's truly a miracle.

I'm glad I have a husband who sees when things need fixing (and knows how to fix them!). He just makes things better that I wouldn't even know could be so great. When he saw how excited I was to watch the first episodes of Outlander, he built an entire media server and set it up so I could watch not only Outlander on TV in HD, but basically anything... in the world... which sounds crazy but like, I mean it.. don't ask me to explain. It's just magic to me.

Thanks for being so awesome, husband. I'm thinking "Team Power Awesome" should be a series so I can constantly demonstrate all our amazing qualities. Nobody will get sick of that, right? ;)