Thankful for Everything

I like going back through my old blog posts and reading them. I especially like to think back to where I was a year ago in my life. Last year, I was thankful for nothing. Yeah a little bit of a misleading title, but wow how different from life as it is now! I was struggling a year ago. I was unhappy and scared and overwhelmed and I'm not letting go of that memory. It makes this year's joy all the sweeter.

This blog has turned into the Willow show, just like my life. And I'm unapologetically embracing that. But Willow and her big gummy smiles are not the only thing I'm grateful for this year. I'm thankful to have the kindest, most appreciative clients who tell me how much they love their photos, who treat me like family at their weddings. I'm grateful to have family who drops everything to help us take care of her, who understands when we run out on family events because baby needs a nap, who bring us meals or come over to our house instead of making us go somewhere just to make life a little easier. I'm grateful for friends who choose spending a weekend at my house with a screaming newborn over trips to the beach or mountains or anywhere else. For friends who text with me at all hours as I encounter new baby issues or who take sweet family pictures for us or just demand a new Willow photo because they love her almost as much as I do.

I'm thankful for Erik most of all. Nothing will make you more in love with your husband than having a baby. Marriage is never perfect and we have definitely gone through phases of life where it was really hard. We struggled with each other and communicating. But we pushed through and learned from all that and have never been so on the same page as we are now. We're both the kind of people who hate depending on anyone but ourselves. We're cynical and tend to expect others to let us down. That sounds awful now that I write it haha but it's a trait born of caution and self-protection. It took a while to learn to help each other, and more than that, to LET each other help us. This year, I've learned a lot about asking for help when I need it. And I've learned that Erik will always give it. He will always step up, and I know not everyone is so lucky to have that.

Life is so good right now. It's what I always hoped it would be. A+ husband who takes care of me... sweet, sunshiney baby who explodes our hearts every day... THE CUTEST PUPPY, who I haven't forgotten. Jobs that provide for us and let us work with great people, and allow us to take care of Willow as a first priority. That's an amazing thing to have.

And of COURSE, I am super thankful for this Gilmore Girls revival coming out tomorrow! I mean, I think the whole country is after the nutty year we've had. We deserve a little bright spot before we rip into 2017 and Lorelai and Rory will be just the right medicine ;)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you get to spend it with the people you love most. And I hope Willow is a champion for the next four days of insanity that we've signed up for! haha