Thankful for Nothing


Do you ever look back at your calendar? In hindsight, doesn't it just look like madness? I do this near the end of every year. My Google Calendar fills up pretty quickly. Hardly a day goes by where something isn't scheduled and when other people have seen it they look relatively alarmed. And that's not to say I'm excessively busy. Trust me, this is not a post about the virtues of busy-ness. If I believed in that lifestyle, I'd still be a teacher. Some days are just a photo shoot, or a chiropractor appointment, or a reminder that Erik is hanging out with his friends that night. It doesn't necessarily mean that day is jam-packed. But there's almost always something.

Scouring my weekends, I had to flip back all the way to June to find two weekends in a row where Erik and I had no plans. In fact, there were only two weekends since June where we didn't. That's crazy! And a lot of people are like us, living their lives that way. It's just an incredible thing that's become so normalized.

This past weekend, we had the opportunity to do a lot of things. I've been missing JMU football and wishing I could attend a game this year. We could have done that. There are always friends I haven't seen in too long who I want to visit. And we could have done that too. But I decided to guard this weekend on our calendar and just let it be. No visiting people, no appointments, no big plans at all. 

So what did we do? Well, we slept in. As much as our puppy will allow. We de-leafed our yard together. We watched The Office. Erik took a nap. I did online Christmas shopping. We decided to get dinner and go see the new James Bond movie (because James Bond is basically my favorite superhero). I tried to make reservations at PF Changs and realized that's not something you can just do the day you get a taste for PF Changs. So we just drove there, hoping, and when the hostess said the wait was an hour long but the full menu was served at the bar, we claimed the only two open seats and had the perfect dinner. Erik commented how nice it was to sit side by side for once and I concurred. It was strangely perfect. And after dinner we strolled Stony Point mall, which is so lovely when it's decked out in lights and garland for the holidays. We watched our movie at Cinebistro and went home. 

Sunday was just as relaxed. I stopped by my parents' house to brew some elderberry syrup with my mom. Green Bay finally got their act together and won a major game. And we had our traditional Chipotle Sunday meal to celebrate. 

And as we were laying in bed that night, Erik said it had been the perfect weekend. I had been thinking the same thing all weekend... appreciating the slowness, the spontaneity, the normalcy. So this Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for this time in our lives of nothingness. The empty weekends. The plan-less days. The breathing slowly and the letting go. I think we could all stand to appreciate the nothing that we have.

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Photo above by Mark Pacura Photography